29'er MTB Frame Specs

Frame Size C to T
Seat Tube Length
Seat Tube Angle
Head Tube Length
Head Tube Angle
Bottom Bracket Height
Top Tube Length
Effective TT Length*
Stand Over Height
Chain Stay Length
Drop Out Width
Small 43.2cm/17" 45.7cm 73.0 10.2cm/4.0" 71.0 30.2cm/11.9" 55.5cm 58.0cm/22.8" 80.2cm/31.6" 45.5cm/17.9"
3.4 lbs.
Medium 45.7cm/18" 48.2cm 73.0 10.2cm/4.0" 71.0 30.2cm/11.9" 57.1cm 60.0cm/23.6" 81.6cm/32.1" 45.5cm/17.9"
3.5 lbs.
Large 50.8cm/20" 53.3cm
30.2cm/11.9" 59.6cm 62.0cm/24.4" 84.9cm/33.4" 45.5cm/17.9"
3.7 lbs.
XLarge 55.9cm/22" 58.4cm
15.0cm/5.9" 71.5 30.2cm/11.9" 61.8cm 64.0cm/25.2" 88.7cm/34.9" 45.5cm/17.9"
3.9 lbs.

Seamless, Aerospace Grade 3Al/2.5V Tubing 

Headset: 1-1/8" EC (External Cup) (No worries about trying to pick an internal headset spec that will be around 10 years from now)

Bottom Bracket: 68mm English (No worries about trying to pick a BB spec that will be around 10 years from now, either)

Rear Axle - 135mm Quick Release

Top Tube: 1.25" (32mm) OD 

Down Tube: 1.57" (40mm) OD

Seat Tube: 1.25" (32mm) OD 

Seat Stay: 5/8" (17mm) OD

Chain Stay: 7/8" (22mm) OD 

* Effective Top Tube length is measured from center of the head tube to center of the Seat POST, parallel to ground

Stand Over height and BB height measured with 2.1" tires

Seat tube length is from center of BB to top of seat tube (clamp)

29'er MTB Frame Features

NOTE: Habanero 29'er frames/bikes can be set up as a 27.5+ if you keep the tire size below 75mm / 3"

45% lighter than 4130 steel yet 102% higher strength to weight results in a lighter yet stronger frame
74% higher strength to weight than 6061 - T6 Aluminum
Twice the elongation of steel, 5x that of Aluminum means less likelihood of failure in an accident
Any failure will likely not be catastrophic as with a carbon fiber frame,
A titanium frame is much more impact-resistant and impervious to temperature, sweat, scratches than a carbon fiber frame
A titanium frame has a virtually unlimited fatigue life, unlike Aluminum
No corrosion, unlike steel - or oxidation, unlike aluminum allows the frame to last virtually forever.
Titanium-specific design used in all Habanero frames means reduce lateral flex to nearly the same level as a big-tube aluminum frame without affecting the ride quality
A brushed finish that can be maintained to look like new with a Scotchbrite pad and a few minutes effort.  No more crying over chipped or scratched paint!
Specializing in only 3Al/2.5V titanium frames.
Manufactured at an aerospace spin-off with decades of experience in precision titanium fabrication.
Materials, machining, and welds are all world-class - you don't give up quality
Tubing and dropouts designed for real-world longevity and strength, rather than saving a few grams on the scales
Designed around components (headset and bottom bracket) that have stood the test of time as reliable, non-creaking, and easily replaceable anywhere in the world
Quick delivery of standard sizes maintained in stock at all times
14-day money-back guarantee of total satisfaction
1/2 price "crash replacement" program
Celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2015!


Want something a little different?

Di2 option - adds $100

BB30 or EBB bottom bracket option - adds $50

Tapered head tube option - adds $50

HDO (Horizontal DropOut) option - adds $100

All of the above options take 12-16 weeks to build, and can include deleting shift or brake cable stops, etc.


Frame $995 plus $40 shipping  ($70 to most of Europe)

($70 US shipping for complete bike west of the Mississippi - $90 east of the Mississippi)

Custom geometry (including 29'er and/or singlespeed) available - $1595, 12 weeks

Kits and components pages are under construction

Let us know how you'd like to spec your bike and we'll give you a quote (full or partial build)

(Arizona residents please add sales tax)

(Worldwide shipping available - email for a quote)

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