Tandem Frame Specs 

Frame Size 

Seat Tube Length*

Seat Tube Angle

Head Tube Length

Head Tube Angle

Bottom Bracket Height

Top Tube Length (effective)

Stand Over Height**

Chain Stay Length

Wheel base***

Drop Out Width













7.7 lbs.

Custom geometry is a no-cost option - and everyone wants a custom tandem!

Seamless, Brushed Aerospace Grade 3Al/2.5V Tubing

Headset: 1-1/8" External Cup

Bottom Bracket: 68mm English (front eccentric included)

Top Tube: 28x36mm oval

"Frame Size C to T" is measured from center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube, measured along the center of the seat tube

*Seat tube length = center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube clamp - allows you to calculate how much seat post you'll need

** Stand Over Height is calculated using nominal 25mm tires
          *** Wheelbase calculated based on fork with 4.4cm rake

Tandem Frame Features

45% lighter than 4130 steel yet 102% higher strength to weight results in a lighter yet stronger frame
74% higher strength to weight than 6061 - T6 Aluminum
Twice the elongation of steel, 5x that of Aluminum means less likelihood of failure in an accident
Any failure will likely not be catastrophic as with a carbon fiber frame,
A titanium frame is much more impact-resistant and impervious to temperature, sweat, scratches than a carbon fiber frame
A titanium frame has a virtually unlimited fatigue life, unlike Aluminum
No corrosion, unlike steel - or oxidation, unlike aluminum allows the frame to last virtually forever.
Titanium-specific design used in all Habanero frames means reduce lateral flex to nearly the same level as a big-tube aluminum frame without affecting the ride quality
A brushed finish that can be maintained to look like new with a Scotchbrite pad and a few minutes effort.  No more crying over chipped or scratched paint!
Specializing in only 3Al/2.5V titanium frames.
Manufactured at an aerospace spin-off with decades of experience in precision titanium fabrication.
Materials, machining, and welds are all world-class - you don't give up quality
Tubing and dropouts designed for real-world longevity and strength, rather than saving a few grams on the scales
Designed around components (headset and bottom bracket) that have stood the test of time as reliable, non-creaking, and easily replaceable anywhere in the world
Quick delivery of standard sizes maintained in stock at all times
14-day money-back guarantee of total satisfaction
1/2 price "crash replacement" program
Celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2015!

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