Habanero Cycles Minimalist Link Page
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The inimitable Sheldon Brown's home page, full of good tech tips

The irreverent and totally biased Campy Only page - not for hardcore Shimano fans or the humorless

Eric House's inspired fixed gear conversion for non-track frames

Ed Zimmermann's outrageously complete road bike fitting program

MTBR Reviews of Habanero MTB frames and bikes (see if you can spot the review by the non-customer)

Google lookup of newsgroup postings and other musings about Habanero frames and bikes (this is a great source of unbiased info about Habanero frames and bikes)

Scot Nicol's excellent analysis of various frame materials - a must read for those techno-geeks among us, errrrr, you"

How to measure your current bike

Slowtwitch.com article on Habanero Cycles and Mark Hickey

Slowtwitch.com article on the ultimate gravel / triathlon training bike

Some random online reviews of Habanero frames and bikes: Cross and Road, Road, Cross, Road, Road

Habanero Cycles Facebook Page (see what's going on right now, and check out some of the more interesting bikes that have been shipped lately)

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