Habanero Cycles Minimalist Link Page
Perpetually under construction

The inimitable Sheldon Brown's home page, full of good tech tips

Eric House's inspired fixed gear conversion for non-track frames

Google lookup of newsgroup postings and other musings about Habanero frames and bikes (this is a great source of unbiased info about Habanero frames and bikes)

Scot Nicol's excellent analysis of various frame materials - a must read for those techno-geeks among us, errrrr, you"

How to measure your current bike

Slowtwitch.com article on Habanero Cycles and Mark Hickey

Slowtwitch.com article on the ultimate gravel / triathlon training bike

Greg Kopecky's writeup on the "minimalist" road bike (should be required reading for any potential bike purchaser)

Some random online reviews of Habanero frames and bikes: Cross and Road, Road, Cross, Road

Habanero Cycles Facebook Page (see what's going on right now, and check out some of the more interesting bikes that have been shipped lately)

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